Challenges query

What would happen to your score in a challenge if, say, you had the audio of a lesson playing constantly, day and night, on repeat?

I know that the time spent listening counts towards your score. Would doing this get you a very high score rather quickly?

It is a way to get a lot of coins, but of course that’s not the point of the challenge.

Okay, of course.
I’m in a Challenge and I see a hierarchy of scores. The leader, though, is SO far ahead that one has to wonder how this is being done. How many waking hours are there in each day?
Hence my question.
Perhpas there is a “loophole” in the system
I’m not accusing anyone, I should add…
I you take a look at the 90 day Spanish challenge which started on August 1st you’ll see what I mean.

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Click on their name. You’ll see what they’ve done the last week. It certainly isn’t listening that is bumping them up…They’ve only listened for a couple of hours for the past month (and that all happened this week).

The glaring thing is the words read. 17.94 million words read in the past week. 40 million words read the last 3 months. Last 3 months also had 400+ hours listened. (which seems extremely high, but is at least plausible)

In any event, words read seems REALLY off. Just for reference, the entire Game of Thrones series (5 books) is 1.7 million words.

And these aren’t short books…1st book on audible is 33 hours! So essentially he read the equivalent of this 5 book series like 9 times =D in a week. Even if they were reading 24 hours a day this isn’t possible.

Another reference point is the Harry Potter series. The entire series is 1 million words. So they’ve read the entire series 17 times this week =).

And they haven’t even read anything the past two days.

I know there’s been some issue for some people with the auto word counting in LingQ giving extremely high numbers. I’ve not seen it for myself, and I thought more or less the issues had been fixed, but maybe not…or there is some sort of loophole they are exploiting. I wouldn’t want to accuse them just yet, but it does seem LingQ needs to look into what’s going on here and address the issue. I’m not sure if increasing the stats on the lesson with the + key ends up adding to words read for purposes of the challenges, but that should be looked into.

They even had some time for some Latin learning =D

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The user in question has been doing this in every Spanish challenge since April, and occupies, unsurprisingly, the first place in every single one. This situation is certainly discouraging, even if you’re not aiming for number one in a challenge, you are still confronted with some ridiculous six figure number in the “coins behind leader” column.
I certainly would never suggest any ill intent, maybe it is a technical issue? The user seems to have similar problems in other languages. Maybe Zoran could have a look a the log files and see where those reading numbers come from, to determine if it’s a software issue or if they were entered manually. Of course one can never rule out foul play but it sure would be great to know that LingQ do everything they can to assure a level playing field.


Yeah, that looks strange. We will investigate what happened.


There’s something strange going on in the Ukrainian challenges as well.

Actually there seems to be a lot of oddities going on with the challenges…negatively as well, at least for me. I’m noticing I’m not getting any coins anymore for reading, regardless of whether I read (auto counting) or finish a lesson. Also no increase on manual stats. This is on both the android app and web for myself. (maybe reading has been turned off for coin collection on the challenges while that other issue is going on??? )

I’m also not getting coins for listening to autogenerated audio.