Challenges now available on iOS app

You will now find Challenges on the iOS app. You can either tap on Challenges in the main menu ( the hamburger icon in the top left corner), or you can swipe to the right on the language flag to see the language panel, stats, challenges and achievements.

Challenges are a great way to stay motivated and push yourself to make a breakthrough. Let us know how you like the new update!

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Are there issues with this? My statistics as shown on the challenge pages in the app are drastically different than what’s shown on the website.

Thanks! Looks like that isn’t working. We will get it fixed.

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In my “past challenges,” it lists ALL the previous challenges, including ones I have not participated it and all the challenges for languages I am not even studying. Any way to make it show just the ones I attempted or at least for the languages I am studying?

Yes, we will try and improve that. Thanks for pointing this out.