Hello, Small issue, but not encouraging things. I have suscribe a 90 days challenge in Spanish and my points are negative…why ? ( last line)

Whoa, talk about a hole! Where is this leader board anyway? Is it when you sign up for a Challenge?

That does seem strange. Did you make a lot of known words into LingQs or change the status of a lot of words? When did you start your challenge?

It is the coins which are negative! She might simply have bought some items for the avatar which misleads the algorithms? (i.e. bug?)

Yes, you get coins when you create LingQs and increase their status but also when you make words known. At the same time coins are subtracted when you change known words into LingQs since we don’t want to add coins twice. So, if you move known words out of known, you would get negative coins.

Maybe you overpaid for you avatar’s sombrero!

I forgot to add that avatar store purchases do not affect the coin total.

Hello, Thank you for your reply. Yes I think I have bought a sombrero for my avatar. And no I have not change a lot of words know as unknown… :-/
But it should show the coins earned during the challenge no matter if we buy or not something…it doens’t show our real effort… :frowning:

Hello do you recommend me to join to the site?

Yes, it’s an amazing place and will do wonders for your English learning. However, make sure you have up to date software on your computer and/or iPad or iPhone. Technical support for anything less than the absolute latest is quite poor.