Challenge targets calculation

There has been some discussion on the Russian 90 day challenge about the high targets set for Known Words count. It is higher than LingQs created, for example.

My Known Words target is 5005
My LingQs target is 1183
My LingQs Learned target is 637

My all time results so far are
Known Words 13566
LingQs 38323
LingQs Learned 12769

Aren’t the number of LingQs typically higher than the number of known words? Or am I an exception?

I´ve got the same, so much more Lingqs than known words.

I did the first russian challenge last year, and i´m currently making another one, The thing I´ve noticed is that the Lingqs target i always finish it so quickly in around 2 weeks (i mean in 2 weeks i did all i was required in 3 months), However they always require so much known words and that target is always very difficult for me. Last time i completed my known words just in the day 89, one day before the challenge finish.

I think it depends and I also think you might be an exception. I think as you progress in a language you start to recognize more and more words without having necessarily seen them before. For myself, especially doing romance languages, I pick up Known Words more quickly than LingQs. How about others? I’m sure you must know a lot of your 38000 LingQs as well…!