Challenge Motivation!

Morning/Afternoon/Evening LingQers,

It’s wet and miserable in Vancouver this morning. It’s actually been raining for about a week and a half non-stop – classic Vancouver. Oh well, wet weather is perfect for staying in and curling up with a good book in your target language, right? I look forward to the day I can do that in French.

For those of you in a 90-Day Challenge right now, or anyone looking for some motivation to keep working toward your language goals, check out how people are doing in the Spanish challenges:

Happy LingQing!

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Is there any way of doing a 90 day challenge just on listening and reading? I understand the benefits of speaking and writing but I really just one to focus on two skills just to see how far I can get in immersing myself back into Italian and Japanese. Is it possible to custom the challenge? If not, I’ll just have to pretend I’m doing it and hopefully will be able to keep myself motivated:)

There are weekly statistics progress bars below the avatar. Besides the default setting for a week, it is possible to choose the statistics during last 3 months. As we know, 3 months have about 90 days.

Thanks. But can I just focus on reading and listening?