Challenge Completed Early

Hey Guys,

So, I already completed my challenge and would like to do another one.
(Challenges really keep me motivated.)
However, I have not received my reward for the one I completed. Do I really have to wait until the 90 days are over, until I get my reward and only then start a new challenge?

Thanks (=

Hi! Yes, you do have to wait for the challenge to complete to get the completion notification. You can of course continue to study and these additional statistics will be added to your challenge totals. Once the 90 days are up you will receive the completion notification and you’ll be able to reset the challenge to do it again :slight_smile:

Actually, I have failed a challenge and I cannot start a new one in the same language. Is it intentional or am I doing something wrong?

You should be able to reset your challenge by signing up again here:

Let us know if you’re receiving an error message when trying to do this!

Thank you, it worked. I probably failed to notice the restart buton (yes, the big orange one, that’s strange)

Hi Alex,

You know the horrendous problems we’ve had with my (successfully completed) challenge. My certificate gives my 80 day total, not my 90 day one. I know you were working on fixing this, but am I right in thinking that I’m stuck with the 80 day totals?

And any sign of the repair of the button that allows my avatar to wear his mortarboard. Though he looks fetching in his Dutch fisherman’s hat, he’d look better in a mortarboard!!

Unfortunately it’ll show your 80 day total for this first challenge. It was originally set up to finish when you reached your targets, and in late December we updated it to finish only after the 90 day period was complete.

We’re still looking into the graduation cap issue - it seems to have been a bug present when another hat was being worn. This one should be fixed early next week in our next update.

My avatar will gladly swap his fancy Dutch cap for his mortarboard! Looking forward to next week!!

Thanks, Alex - as always!

You’ve spent a lot of time sorting out the bugs round the completion of my Dutch Challenge. It’s really appreciated.