Certified Bilingual(french) young Canadians can't pass a very basic French Quiz: Video

I guess they give out bilingual certificates in Canada like they are going out of style. I hate to see how bad the flunked students were. Also, make note of the very vocal, angry Quebec people in the comments who don’t appreciate the fact that their countrymen suck so bad despite years of study.

The Canadians are giving the Japanese a run for their money.

Hilarious and sad, at the same time.
C’est marrant et triste, en même temps.
Merci de l’avoir partagé.

I do not get it. What are they doing wrong in Canada? My daughter started with French in grade 6, I’m in grad 7 and after 4 years we do much better in French than these students. And we are living in a monolingual area and have no contact with French at all in our environment.

because they have no interest in the language you can’t force something on people it’s not like they have to learn it to survive

Yes, sad, but take it with a grain of salt. The subjects in the video were doubtlessly selected for the results you see, and they may not paint a fair picture of bilingual certificate holders in Canada.

Consider also that for many it may be compulsory (not sure how it works up there) and not of particular interest to the learner. Therefore the motivation that Steve stresses is absent. I retained much of what Russian I’d learned in school years ago, but despite all the calculus and differential equations courses that I passed in college I wouldn’t know today what to do with an integral if it poked me in the eye.

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I learned French through Quebec, and I didn’t even know of or have ever heard of Bilingual certificates.

These are English speaking Canadians, which typically don’t know much French. Yes, there are bilingual parts of Quebec, but these people don’t seem like they’re from it.

However, even some native French speakers from Quebec I know, also struggle with writing the language correctly, mainly spelling and tense.

I know plenty of Canadians living in Quebec and Montreal who speak English and were required 4 years or even immersion in primary school. The ones who had 4 years under their belt were terrible with the language and could barely reproduce it (my guess is that they hated being forced to take the language, thus leaving resentment with the language), and the people who were in immersion (living in English speaking parts, attending immersion schools), came out with a level of French that I wouldn’t consider all that great, and in fact, from the few I’ve seen do these immersion schools there, came out with both poor English skills and French skills, mainly writing.

I do believe Canada does need to find a new way of teaching French/English to students.

And most of the time you hear “bilingual” and “Canada”, almost always they are referring to Quebec, never the rest.

It appears that if you complete the full 12 years with a final exam in the Canadian school system they give you an official certificate.