Certificate shows the wrong date

When I download my certificate to show my level and stats in French, it´s stuck on the 19th of January, which is the date I completed Advanced 1. It has been stuck on that date ever since and I am now on Advanced level 4.

I didn’t know that LingQ awards certificates. Where did you find this?
What are the word requirements for Advanced 4? I thought LingQ ended at Advanced 2.

Go to your profile by clicking your icon in the upper right corner, choose achievements and there is a button to download it. In the achievements section, it only goes to Advanced 2. When you complete Advanced 2 it will say you have reached Advanced 3. If you go to the Avatar store, it will say how many words you need to reach the next level, and when you have it will say Advanced 4 on your certificate and your Avatar page will let you know the next goal as well. In French, it was 33,200 words to complete Advanced 2, then it seems it´s always an extra 10,500 words to get to each level after that.

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I would not count on anyone else recognising these certificates as legitimate though. It would be easy to either fake the document itself or your link stats (you could just flip pages to get more known words for example, if your goal was not to learn but to fake your stats).

Thanks for reporting it. We will get that fixed.



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