Certificate Problem

Good afternoon.

I noticed that when generating the certificate, though I am at the advanced level, the certificate says I’m always at the intermediate level.

Could anyone tell me if this really is a problem, or is this only happening to me?

This is not a bug, and your level on the certificate is actually correct. That means that if you are currently Advanced 1 level (your avatar is that level), you have finished and achieved Intermediate 2 level. Once when you reach Advanced 2 level, your certificate will say that you have achieved Advanced level of your study language.

In what language do you say you’re at the advanced level? I think “advanced 1” here at Lingq correspond to 20000 words. I can’t see you’ve got that in any of your languages. Over 10000 is considered “intermediate 2”, that would be your level in English and Spanish.

@ftornay Advanced 1 level for Spanish is 12500 known words. However, I’ve explained above why this is not a bug. Reaching of higher level doesn’t mean that you’ve mastered that level.
We will implement some changes on site soon, which should help to explain the difference between Avatar level and Achieved Certificate level.

Thanks a lot, I got it. :smiley:

Thank you, Zoran. I’d appreciate some clarification, yes, thank you.