Caught!, what a difficult word to be pronounced properly for

caught!, what a difficult word to be pronounced properly for me!!! By the way, it sounds pretty different comparing the Speaker and the voice that reads the word on the diccyionary next to the text. I guess the girl must be American and the Speaker very British

You could try the pronunciattion for “kawtd”. It is not a real word but, of all that I have tried, it is closest to what I consider the American english sound of the word “caught”. One could also pronunce “caught” using the word “cot”. Both are not related in meaning but are pronounced equally the same where I reside.

The Brits say “kawtt”, very short “aw” sound, sharp “tt”.

How interesting! As an aussie, I pronounce it the same as court in tennis court: “kort”

I do believe there is the slightest of difference between caught and court,the vowel is in a lower position for the latter for many Brits: “We caught a fish on the tennis court, said Kurt in his cod-piece.” Perhaps it depends on the stress put on the respective words within a sentence.

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you’re right: there’s a tiny difference, the order of the words changes the stress slightly. I noticed that I say caught with a (short) slightly rising tone, and court with a (short) slightly falling tone. Chinese - haha! Now I have to get back to contemplating my navel…