Categorize LingQs

Hello everybody!

LingQs are categorized by status and importance. Importance is assigned automatically.

Is there any way to add another category by which LingQs are categorized?

Example: In a lesson there are 100 new words/LingQs. Out of those I find 20 useful and I would like to focus on repeating exactly those 20.
Is there a way to do that? I would like to keep the remaining 80 LingQs stored in a not so important section.

Is that possible? If there is already a thread on it, I apologize and I’d be glad if you shared the link :slight_smile:


For example you can using tag function.

@petereng - You will have to use the tag function for this. You can tag them all with the same tag and then only review the words with that tag.

That worked. Thanks for your help.