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They say that “No news is good news,” but luckily, that’s not the case for the dynamic world we live in. This week, we want to highlight some significant recent events.

First, we have an incredible story from Colombia where four indigenous children were rescued after surviving 40 days in the jungle. They were involved in a plane crash that tragically took their mother’s life, leaving them alone in a challenging environment filled with dense forests, strong currents, and a treacherous canyon. The rescue of these children brought the divided country together and shed light on the complex political situation in Colombia.
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Next, we turn to France, where a fire incident erupted in the heart of Paris, leading to the collapse of a building. Despite this unfortunate event, the country is gearing up for the upcoming Fête de la Musique celebrations, with various musical events planned across different locations in Paris.
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Moving on to Germany, the crew of the Titan submarine has been tragically declared dead. The US Coast Guard has determined that there is no chance of survival for the five missing crew members who embarked on a mission to the wreck of the Titanic last Sunday.
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Finally, in Sweden, occasional incidents of street gun violence and persistent income disparities between men and women, with a gap of up to 20%, continue to be hot topics of discussion.
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