Catalan is here!

Thanks to everyone who made it possible!


Déu n’hi do!

Great news! Thanks a lot for everybody who contributed to this project.

Next step: Friulan? hahaha


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Congratulations and thank you to all who made this possible: the LingQ team and especially the volunteers.

Out of curiosity, assuming the standard hour/hour and a half per day of study, how long/easy would you expect Catalan would be for someone (like me) who has invested a lot of time (1300-1500 hours) and learned Spanish well?

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I can’t really say but I think it’s the standard "it takes 3 to 6 months to learn language X if you have learnt language Y to somewhere around B2. If you do decide to go for Catalan I have composed a thread for Catalan resources to which other’s have made contributions as well.

Alex speaks catalan!
100% motivation!

I feel the same way about Ines Arrimadas :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:.

La vida - Inés Arrimadas: "Sóc catalana d'elecció" - YouTube


Excellent. Thanks so much for the resources and the “confirmation.” I was suspecting that 3-6 months Portuguese/Romance Language similiar too, so good to know that I’m not alone in that.

Has anyone been able to access the full Mini Stories course? I can only open the very first lesson…

Nope, as I understand launching languages takes a huge chunk of time and so what lingq does in these sort of situation I guess it to launch the languages with only a few stories (in this case one).

Because usually there are a small but vocal fan base who persistently ask when will it be launched so then be downloaded later over the space of maybe a week or two.

I will upload more stories over the weekend. We will have all 40 stories up in Catalan soon. And hopefully last 20 stories will be done too.


Bug report: I can’t get Catalan to open, either in Firefox or Safari, on my laptop (a 2012-era Macbook running MacOS Mojave version 10.14.6). It just stays on the ‘Generating your Lesson Feed’ with the litte spinning loading symbol continuing to spin indefinitely.

Works fine on mobile, though, and it seemed to be okay in Firefox on my Windows machine at the office (though I didn’t try playing the audio).


Perfect, thank you Zoran.

No worries

Strange. Can you give it another try now? Are you still unable to access Catalan?

Okay, it seems to be fine now. Thanks.