Castilian Spanish

I’ve been wanting to learn Spanish. However, the Castilian accent would be more useful to me because I plan to visit. Do you have any resources that focus on this? Do Spanish speakers, no matter what the accent, understand each other well?

Berta is from Spain.
I like her lessons!

I am from spain. We use to deal with plenty of foreign people who came mainly from america, so i guess you shoud not be worry about accents since is unlike spaniards do not understand you

Berta’s lessons will be very useful for you. Don’t worry about the accent. If you choose the Castilian accent you will be understood in every Spanish speaking country. A neutral Spanish for all Spanish-speakers does not exist, but Castilian is close to a certain “standard accent”. In North America and Mexico it is maybe better to choose “Mexican Spanish”, but anyway there are no problems in understanding each other. Good luck with your language learning!