(Cantonese) What form of the language are the lessons in?

For other Cantonese learners that have gotten pretty far into the course, what form of the language is it all written in? Vernacular Written Cantonese or just Written Cantonese?

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I would say all of the courses for learners / beginners on LingQ are in colloquial Cantonese (口語). There are a couple of courses in the advanced categories that are in Formal Cantonese (書面語). The bulk of content outside of LingQ comes in this form however, pretty much all written content like newspapers and books, but also subtitles on TV, movies and often even on YouTube.
Just a heads up, Cantonese on LingQ does have a few problems with the word segmentation especially when it comes to colloquial Cantonese. So, I’ve found using formal Cantonese / Mandarin text to be a bit smoother.


Thank you so much! This is a very helpful answer.