Cantonese Reading 1

Hello everyone, Ozzy here! I'm back to tell you guys that I've taken up a major challenge from a friend to learn Cantonese Chinese. He has been told by most people he know that Cantonese is a very difficult language to learn and overcome, so due to the fact that Cantonese has about 6-9 tones.

This is my first reading and video, so I would like to get your guy’s feedback if I’m doing an O.K. of learning Cantonese. I’m going to be using Colloquial Cantonese and FSI Cantonese as my resources of learning the language.

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Very good. Seriously.

The only thing that you may improve, which is a very minor thing really, is the sound for the first syllable of the word Newzealand. Should be a more distinct rising tone.

(But as it concerns Cantonese rendering of a foreign name, it doesn’t really matter.)

You have a pleasant voice, by the way.

Cantonese is fun, not very difficult.


Thank you very much for the feedback. I am very appreciative for you help.

Yeah, the part with New is a little bit tricky however I will get used to the high rising tone.

To me my voice seems a little unpleasant, but I guess I’m not used to hearing a recorded version on my voice. I’m happy to know you enjoyed the video.

So far I am really having a blast with Cantonese, but I can’t wait to get to the higher level content.

You are welcome.
Assimil has a new course for Cantonese. Do you know that? I remember seeing a Teach Yourself one in bookstore also.

For right now I’m working with free resources. FSI Cantonese and Colloquial Cantonese that is available at my library. Later on I will eventually buy more resources, for example Teach yourself that I am planning to get. I didn’t about Assimil Cantonese. I will take a look at it.

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Glossika has a Cantonese course now. It includes all 3000 of the standard Glossika sentences translated into Cantonese and read by a native speaker.