Can't use the "I know all" button

I’m trying to use the button in a French lesson and nothing happens. The number of unknown words is kept the same and the blue words remain as before.
Is this a known bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Hi anapaula,

That sounds strange to me. Have you tried refreshing the page? If so, what browser are you using and which lesson?

Hi, Mark,
yes, I refreshed, and then re-started the browser, but the problem kept the same. I wonder if I had already pressed this button before, since in the lesson page it shows 0 unknown words, but in the text there was a lot of blue words (I marked one-by-one as known…)
An example in which I find the same problem is this Login - LingQ

do you mean the button under the number of New Words? It happens nothing by me too.

Hi Ana,

If your New Words number is 0, you must have clicked “I Know All” before. You can only click it once. We should have its appearance change after it has been clicked. Although, it is strange that you have all those blue words since the blue words should disappear when you click “I Know All”. Is this a lesson that you have had in your account for a long time?

I have had similar problems. A number of times I have clicked the “I know all” button, and it simply doesn’t seem to do anything. The unknown word ount stays the same, and the known words stay blue within the text.

I’m using Safari version 4.0.4.


Im having problems closing the pop up lesson window. When i click “close window” at the bottom, or the X it wont close. I have to refresh to it to disapear. Using the latest firefox.

Could you give me the exact version number of Firefox? Also, have you tried ctrl refreshing a few times?

Well obviously saying “I know all” is very proud and showy and we promote humility here at lingq whether or not you ‘know all’… which is why we’ve disabled that particular button … :wink:

Wow, Blindside! I like it. We should hire you to handle all our support requests…the old it’s not a bug it’s a feature approach… :slight_smile:

That’s what I do… you’ll get an invoice for my consulting charges in the mail :)… I also do PR:

“If you can’t read then you’re stupid… that’s why you should learn at lingq”

firefox 3.5.7

Is anyone else not able to close the FF popups?

@ Seriph - I have FF 3.5.7 and it works fine for me. Do the other popups not close also? Like the popups on the Speak page when you click on a conversation title. Have you tried closing and opening your browser?

I have this problem when I’m in the library, click on “Explore the whole library”, click on a lesson without taking the lesson. Then I cannot close the window. It happens with IE 7 and FF 3.5.07.

Thanks, Vera! That must be the same problem as Seriph is having since it is happening to me, too! We will get that fixed.

Hi, Mark. Sorry for the late response.
Yes, this is happening with old lessons, since I’ve been away from English for a while…
Indeed, I’m experiencing a lot of small problems with the new lesson page, for doing lingqs. In general, things are much easier and faster than before, but sometimes things kind of mess up a little bit. The two more annoying “features” I’m struggling with right now are the difficulty to “copy” from the lesson page without creating an enormous new lingq and the fact that I can’t move the lingq widget around the window to see some hidden text behind it.
About the problem with the popup, I haven’t noticed it yet.

We’re working on the inconsistencies in the Lesson page. We should have the problems fixed in the next few days. As for copying from the lesson page, it isn’t really possible. The solution right now is to open the print view and copy from there. The LingQ widget is closable now but we have no plans to make it movable.