Can't use more than one language for user hints in android app

Hi I’ve chosen two languages as local dictionaries in the settings. I can switch from a language to the other with the web interface but not with the android app on my phone. Did I miss something ?

You can create translations in more languages on the Android app too.
Tap on the blue word and create a LingQ in your primarily dictionary language. Then, if you want to add translation for the same word in other language, just tap on the same yellow word again, then on upper arrow to expand the yellow popup.
You will then be able to simple change the dictionary language and add another translation.

I’m sorry, my question was not clear. I don’t want to create translations, I want to be able to look up existing user hints/popular meanings in french and english. Within the web interface, I click on a blue word, then click on “view more” and I can switch language to see popular meanings in any other language. I can’t manage to do the same thing on the Android app. Is it possible ? It would be convenient.

Ahh, sorry. That’s not possible on the app at the moment, but we will release app update too which should improve things.