Can't use any language but Russian

Hi there, i signed up for a lifetime account but cannot use any account but Russian - every other language says i have to sign up for an account!

Not sure why but can this be fixed please?



EDIT: i just realised i’ve accidentally signed up for just Russian, i thought i was getting a lifetime account for everything.

Is there any way i can cancel this and then sign up for the equivalent but so i can do all languages?

Lifetime membership is sold per language, actually. There is no Lifetime plan available for all languages. If you need access to all languages, you need to get Premium, not Lifetime. Let me know what works best for you and we will figure it out.

Hi thanks for the response.

Can i just transfer over from my current plan to like 2 year premium or something that’s in a similar ball-park price-wise to what i paid? That would work for me.

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Sure, we can do that. Can you please email us on support(at) and we will take care of it. I just need some additional information from you.

Amazing customer service! Thanks i will do that now.