Cant unarchive lessons

I click on ‘unarchive’ in the Archives folder and the lesson disappears, I presume it goes back in to the library or my lessons but I cant see it and then when i go back in to the Archive folder its back again??

@Tuquiero - Would you try this again? After clicking “Unarchive” you’ll need to refresh the page to see the updated list of archived lessons. After unarchiving a lesson it will be readded to your My Lessons list.

Hi Alex, thanks for getting back, for whatever reason, it does’nt seem to work. When I click unarchive, the lesson disappears, this takes 2 clicks. Then I refreshed the page but the lesson turns up again in the unarchived lessons folder??? Thanks

@Tuquiero - Just click it once :slight_smile: Clicking it twice actually causes it to be unarchived then archived again. Hope this helps!

hi Alex,

Thanks for getting back.

I tried that, it does’nt seem to fix the problem, the lessons still dont show up in my lessons.

I just went to my archives, clicked unarchive on a lesson (once), refreshed the page, then went to my lessons but they dont show up and this way i cant get the lesson to show up in the lingQ App.

@Tuquiero - The lessons in the My Lessons page default to recently opened, so if it’s been a while since you last opened that lesson it may be further down the list. You can just use the Search at the top of that page to find the lesson. Then just open it and it will be moved up to the top of your recently opened lessons and will appear in the app.

Thanks Alex!