Can't see whole screen on flashcards

Hi, I’m brand-new here, and just figuring things out, sorry if I do it wrong or this has already been noted!

When I signed up for lingq just a couple of days ago, the flashcards were working fine. Now I can only see the upper part of the screen–not the buttons that let me say “oops” or “got it”. I would think this was a problem with my netbook (sometimes the small screen causes problems like this), if it weren’t for the fact that it was working before. I am using Mozilla for my browser.

Thanks for any help you can give!

@Wendy79 - That seems very strange. I have no problem seeing those buttons in Firefox. Are you sure you are clicking the card or pressing the space bar to flip the card and see the back. Those buttons are only on the back.

Yes, I can’t see the buttons on either the front or the back, whether the screen is maximized or minimized.

When you open the flashcards window and press the space bar, does the screen change at all? Can you take a screenshot and email it to ?

Thanks, the problem is fixed. I appreciate it.

You are welcome.