Can't see known words

New user. My “badge” says I know 127 words, Yet, when I go to the vocabulary page, I can find only 1 word with status 4. Am I looking in the right place?

Status 4 words are your “learned words” words that you have saved and then moved to learned. Your known words are mostly all the words in the text that you did not save because you already knew them. Your learned words are added to your known words.

When you click the “I Know All” button this adds all remaining blue words to your Known Words total. These words plus any LingQs you have moved to status 4 gives you your Known Words total.

Is there any way to see a list f known words, or is there only a count?

What happens when I erroneously mark one known and want to change it back to one that needs more study?

There is no list of “known words”. However, if you see an unhighlighted word, (a word that the system thinks you know) and you need to save it, just do so. This word will be subtracted from your known words total.

There is a list of "learned words"since these are your status 4 words that you can view in the Vocabulary section.

There is no visible list of Known Words (except Status 4 LingQs) however, if you find that you don’t know a word that is marked “Known” then you can simply highlight it and create a LingQ out of it. This will remove it from the Known Words list.

Now, I understand how it works. Thanks!