Cant see English dictionary

I am learning Russian. I have only selected the English dictionary. When I click on a Russian word I do not know in a lesson or a story, the box that opens shows the word in Russian, there is no translation to English. This is so aggravating. I spent an hour tonight trying various settings and got absolutely nowhere. Someone please help me.

Do you have that issue on the app or website version? Can you try to logout/login back and let me know if that helps? Thanks.

I have this problem with the app, both Android and Apple. I do not use the website. Actually, the website is configured with my maternal language, French so it’s a different kind of issue at the moment.
I have logged out of the app and back several times and I have tried on several devices (Android phone, iPad mini) and the problem is still there.
If I do the LingQ 101 - Getting started lesson, I do have the translation if I click on a word, but if I do the other lessons, like “Lesson 1 Михаил работает поваром” I do not have the translation. When I click on a word, in the place where I get the translation in the other lesson, I simply get the word in Russian again.

Edit: after doing it again a couple of times (switching between the two lessons) while writing this response, now it seems to work… I did not go in the settings, just switching back and forth between the two lessons.
Since it seems to work at the moment, I am going to do a few lessons to see if it sticks :slight_smile:

Edit 2: and now the website is in English too :slight_smile: Not sure how all this happened, but I am OK for now, thank you!

Great, thanks for letting me know.