Can't see dictionary definitions anymore, only a big "upgrade to premium" advertisement?

i made my account last year and didn’t really use it cuz my french knowledge was a bit too advanced for it to be much help and the advanced topics in french are uninteresting to me. but i started studying chinese at beginner level so i came back to lingq a few days ago to try it out again. then yesterday i can no longer see any definitions, just a big advertisement that i’ve run out of lingqs and should upgrade. i deleted all my lingqs i could find and its still there! is this a permanent change that you can’t see even dictionary definitions anymore unless premium cuz its made the site pretty much pointless and unusable to me now…

Hi larrieuxa,
LingQs limit is a hard limit, and even if you’ve deleted all your LingQs, you are not able to create new LingQs instead. You do still have access to all the content but to create LingQs and track vocabulary you’ll have to upgrade your account to Premium, or you can invite friends to increase your LingQs limit. Visit the invite page for more details - Login - LingQ.
You can also receive 100 Free LingQs if you like us on Facebook.
Let me know if you have more questions!

i just want to see the dictionary definitions of words in the lesson. not create lingqs. up until about 2 days ago when i clicked on a word i didn’t know i could see what it meant. now there is really zero point in seeing if is a helpful website that has any interesting content because i literally can’t do anything on it but listen to a block of text with NO clue as to whats being said…

As I’ve said above, you’ve reached your LingQs limit and that is the reason why you are getting notification to upgrade every time when you click on Blue Word. If you invite your friends to join LingQ or like us on Facebook, you will be able to see user hints, to use dictionaries and create LingQs again.

but why would i create more lingqs, when doing so would just make the entire site unusable again? if you can’t see what the words in the lesson mean, there is no point to being on the site. you could at least make it known that once you create a few linqs, you won’t be able to use the site anymore. then people who are browsing around could be smart and NOT create linqs…

We believe that 20 LingQs limit (+additional free LingQs which you can earn) are more then enough for new users to decide if LingQ is right place for them to learn and if it’s worth for them to upgrade their account.

I totally agree with larrieuxa. The site is useless for those users who can’t afford a paid version.

Hi anituchka,
That is exactly the reason why we offer up to 2000 Free LingQs which users on FREE membership can earn by inviting friends to join LingQ. You can also earn 100 Free LingQs if you like our FB page.