Can't see beyond 1st page

I’m not able to see beyond the 1st page in a new lesson. Clicking the right arrow or the progress bar does nothing (I tried on Chrome and Safari, same result):

Console, Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit) (latest version):

Sorry about that! Some users are affected with that strange problem and we are trying to figure out what’s going on. Do you see an error message in the browser console when this happens? What browser and operating system are you using?

Hi, I can’t add a screenshot here, so I’ve updated my original comment with a console screenshot when opening a lesson page. No new errors appear when I click the right arrow or progress bar.

I’m using Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit) (latest version) on MacOS Mojave v. 10.14.6 (latest).

I get the same problem with Safari.

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I have the same problem on Firefox and Chrome on 2 different computers (Windows 7 and Windows 10). Although when I uncheck in Reader Settings “Paging moves to known” I can move forward but pages are not marked as being read (green color in progress bar doesn’t appear). When I only finish the whole lesson it is marked as being read and my statistics of known words are updated. I can’t see any error and nothing happens when I click the right arrow. Shift + right arrow also doesn’t work.

Thanks guys, very helpful! We are on it and should be fixed soon.

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