Can't save phrases

I know Arabic on LingQ is still far from ideal, but when I LingQ a phrase with my own translation it disappears after a while, instead of saving it.

I’m guessing this is because there are some diacritics within the phrase, like tanwin/nunation (usually looks like an equal sign = ) or shaddah (looks like a lowercase w). In that case it’s not a phrase-specific bug, just the same old bug.

You will probably find that the LingQ has not actually disappeared. If you make the same LingQ a second time, it will probably pull up the hint that you initially wrote. So it just fails to recognize that these words match one of your LingQs, until you LingQ it again.

Important advice, if you have not noticed this: Don’t use the green checkmark to finish lessons in Arabic! It will move “forgotten” LingQs (for single words) to your known words count and you can’t fix it. Instead, open up the menu icon within the lesson and click +1 read, in order to get credit for read words.

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That problem happens to me as well. I have saved a phrase and then when i notice that same phrase in another lesson, i have to lingQ the phrase again. Sometimes when I lingQ the phrase again, it remembers the definition, but if I had not noticed the phrase, then I would have looked straight past it :confused:

Happens to me too, but I noticed mainly when I went over the limit on how long a lingq definition can be, whatever that is. When I refresh the lesson, the word is blue again. In other cases, I just cannot lingq a word at all. Even after refreshing, finishing the lesson, or doing anything, I just am not able to save it as lingq

Yup, I have been having the same problem with Arabic. Also… sometimes, LingQ will allow me to add phrases, while at other times, not at all. Strange.

I’m hoping Steve stays with Arabic long enough to notice all these problems :slight_smile: