Can't repair my streak... It was 180 days or so

Did my LingQs on the plane back from the Polyglot Gathering :slight_smile: (which means - without internet access), hoping that it will be synced later when I get access to the internet, (around 11pm). However, when I was back home and opened Link to make sure that it’s ok (already at night, after 12) - only then it started syncing… So I got credits for the next day and my streak was lost… :frowning: Well, fair enough, I thought I would repair my streak with coins today, but now, when I got to it, I see no email notifying me of the lost streak, and I see no possibility to repair the streak at the site… Is it totally lost? :frowning:

It should be fixed now.


Wow, thank you so much!!! Yahoo!!! Yesterday and today I was doing my links, thinking “ok, I’ll build my streak back… with time… in several months… towards Autumn…” but it was a hard blow to my motivation, this whole streak game really keeps me going - and now I’m twice as motivated as I was before!!!
You should have charged me coins for restoring. ;D :smiley: :smiley:
I’ll keep a better eye on my streak from now on, I didn’t realize that it was so important to me. :smiley: