Can't removing imported courses

*Can’t remove imported courses

Hello Lingq’ers,

When I go to “my imports” > “edit course” I can’t seem to remove “Quick Imports” or any other of my imported courses. I receive the message: “can’t remove collection because it contains items bought by some users”.

I find the term “bought” to be a strange word-choice, but obviously the course seems to be in use. So I decided to set the course to private and deleting it from the “learn” sections (when you directly click “learn” i.o. pressing the drop-down). Unfortunately no effect.

I read in another thread I should archive them(?); after which the course appears in Archive as well as in my imports and my courses… but deleting still won’t work…

Who knows how to do this? Looking forward to the solution…

The same problem, I find simple solution for myself - just clear it, rename and use for another topic instead to create a new course :slight_smile: But of course it’s wrong, I also looking forward to better solution …

I think you can only delete one lesson after one lesson, not a course .If an other person has used your lesson you can not delete them. Maybe I’m wrong!?


@Tom03 - Sorry for the trouble with this! You should be able to delete a course that contains lessons that weren’t previously shared or were only viewed by you, but this doesn’t seem to be working. In the meantime you can remove individual lessons from the Edit Course page. We’ll look at getting the Delete Course option fixed.

Thanks for your responses! Glad you’ll try fixing this, because deleting them individually is very time-consuming. I already have 140 imported texts and I’m aiming to import hundreds more.

@Tom03 - May I also ask why you want to remove privately imported lessons? As a paying member, there is currently no limit to the number of lessons you can have. I don’t know that you actually even need to remove them, though understanding why you want to delete them would be helpful in perhaps providing a simple alternative!

@ Alex

I like to import German newspaper articles to read using the Bookmarklet. These all get stuck in one ‘Quick Imports’ course, which for my German account has over 500 lessons. Now I got the idea recently to quickly import a bunch of news articles and go and read them on the app. Unfortunately finding them in the course on the app was very difficult given how many lessons are in that course. I tried deleting the Quick Imports course, but it didn’t work.

@ColinJohnstone - Yes, I encountered this myself recently. The import bookmarklet and the Chrome extension both automatically import lessons into a course called “Quick Imports”. If a course with this name doesn’t exist, then it will create a new course called “Quick Imports” and add a lesson to that new course.

My solution here was to rename my Quick Imports course to “Quick Imports (old)”, then just start importing lessons again. :slight_smile:

Ah, good idea!

@Alex -Mainly to keep things clear, but for that I’ll just rename the course. But it will be needed for the ones who want to downgrade which I might also want to do temporarily, despite loving the website :wink:

@Tom03 - No problem, if you want to downgrade and have lots of imports just let us know and we’ll help you out!