Can't remove courses

So I’m cleaning up my French page and have about 22 courses that refuse to be deleted. No matter how many times I ‘delete’ when I refresh the page they’re all still there - any thoughts on how to remove?

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Sorry to hear that. Are those your imports, or you just want to remove random courses from My Lessons tab?
If they are coming back, that could be some caching issue, can you please try to clear your browser’s cache and check again?

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They aren’t imports, just courses and I had worked on in the past. I cleared the cache but those keep showing up no matter how many times I delete them.


i have the same issue, i remove the course then after refresh it still there.

Thanks for letting me know. This is reported to our team and hopefully we will figure out what’s going on soon. Thanks for your patience.

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Hey guys, we need some additional information here.
If you can message us on support(at) that would be great.

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I was emailing you last week about this same issue - I’ll resend my latest email. I’ve already been in contact with support but so far nothing’s happened.

Thanks. This is reported to our team but we need some additional information to figure it out, since we are unable to reproduce the problem on our end.
Anyway, I’ve got what I need now, so hopefully we will have a solution soon.

This issue should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting it.