Can't open lessons:Internal Server Error

Hi I was thinking German, fun…
However, I changed to German and went to the library. Whatever lesson I click on I only get “Internal Server Error”
Now German seems like the hardest language to learn … :slight_smile:

Seriously, there’s something wrong with the library.

Let’s see if support has any ideas. I just switched to German and had no problems.

If I click on Learn and then + new course, then I can select a new lecture
If I go to the library, I can not.
I have clicked on the “courses” radio button.
On the other hand if I have “lessons” selected when clicking on a lesson it works.

As a Lingq user I would be glad to see that user interfaces are secured to never be broken (regression testing).
This would make the product more appealing to me. It would reduce unnecessary frustration and I could focus on language learning. I’m sure such testing is part of your release process and this was only a slipthrough…

I am unable to reproduce this. Perhaps someone else can.

This is how I managed…

  1. click on the “lingq with a german flag” takes me to some starting page
  2. in the learn dropdown I select Library
  3. select the “course” option/radiobutton
  4. click on a lesson
  5. browser is now trying to open the lesson.
  6. Internal Server Error. (the address field shows Login - LingQ)

Which browser do you use?

I was able to reproduce it. However, it happens for me randomly: sometimes I am able to open a lesson, sometimes not. I have reported this issue to our development team. We will look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks for the fast response