Can't open any lesson


I’ve tried to open several lessons and all of them error out with “There was an error opening this lesson. We have been notified and will investigate this issue. You will be redirected to the home page where you can try opening another lesson.” even ones that I’ve already worked through and completed like German LingQ Podcast 1.0, #21 Anke & Vera - Planning a Ho... so something’s very off… Am using Safari Version 10.1.1 (12603.2.4) in MacOS Sierra if that helps.

Hope you can fix it soon. Otherwise keep up the good work.



I have had exactly the same problem today!!!

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me too

Me too…

I can’t open any lessons,too…

Me too, 152 day streak in jeopardy.

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The app (android) works properly. Website: same problem here.

The app (android) works properly. Website: same problem here.

I also wonder about the nature of the problem because this is not the first time I’ve come across this error. Why does this happen from time to time?

It doesn’t work on Android either for me

Try different browser. It doesn’t work on firefox, but when I try Opera everything works fine.