Can't make links, google translate doesn't work

To some extent, this has been going on for months, but lately it’s been more frequent, and today lingq is pretty much completely worthless to me - more efficient to use a paper dictionary. Here are the issues:

  1. I hover over a word, select a definition, and nothing happens
  2. I hover over the word, and google translate doesn’t give me a definition
  3. I hover over a word, select a definition, get tired of waiting, hover over another word, and the link with the first word’s definition gets attached to the second word

Please fix these immediately.


I don’t know what happened but last night LingQ was working so badly it was unusable.

Its happening to me aswell, the google dictionary is not working, and I try with chrome and firefox. (from this morning)

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google translate is broken for me either - error 500; Everything else is working as usual - you can create lingq from user hints just fine.

I’ve noticed the google translate is quirky but doesn’t fail every time. The remaining problems you point out occur with network latency. On which end the latency is occuring is difficult to ascertain. There is something “odd” lately, however, so you are not alone.

We’re really sorry for the trouble today with this! Our development team is looking into this issue now and we’ll have it resolved as soon as possible.

The Google Translate issue should now be fixed. We’ll continue looking into the performance logs to see if there was anything notable that would have resulted in slowness last night. We’re also continuing our focus on performance enhancements, so do let us know if you find anything else not working as intended!

The problems are back again. It’s mostly 2) above - I hover over the word, and it shows me the same, untranslated word in the box, regardless of how long I wait. This happened about 25% of the time today. 1) was happening a little bit, and the workaround was to reload the page. 3) still happens occasionally. Why isn’t the software smart enough to know that I changed words?

I’m sorry to hear that this is still causing trouble! My understanding is that most of it is due Google Translate’s server not responding quickly enough, and our system then caching the resulting word/phrase. This is done for performance reasons, but it does seem to result in some issues when the response time isn’t quick enough.

We’ve noted this down and will see if there is anything we can do that will offer improvements in reliability here.