Can't make Lingqs, and flashcards not working at all


Problem 1: Every time i select a sentence to turn it into a flashcard/lingq the box vanishes when I click “new hint”

Problem 2: I can’t use the flashcard system at all for some reason. I can select cards, and bring up the flas card screen, but clicking on ‘got it’ and ‘oops’ buttons don’t do anything. The audio doesn’t work either.

Problem one I posted already some days ago, but it has not seemed to be fixed. The new problem I only just noticed

Hope you can fix these issues!

I think the support need to know which browser you use.

I’m using google chrome

dylanchambers, are you still having these problems? Have you tried using the site with another browser, eg Firefox? Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

Hi I just downloaded firefox, and both the flashcards and the lingqing works fine on that browser.

On chrome the ability to create lingqs has come back, but as described above, the flashcards do not work.

I use Chrome (on Mac), the flashcards (+ audio) work fine …

Interesting. It certainly doesn’t work for me, I wonder why…

@dylanchambers - I have no idea what problems you are having but everything seems fine in Chrome for me and others like hape. Please try refreshing a few times to see if the problems clear up.