Can't make a LingQ over two lines

Hi, I have noticed that I can’t make a LingQ when the phrase covers two lines in sentence mode. However, I can make a LingQ if the phrase stays on one line. Can you tell me if this will be fixed or if there is a workaround? Thanks.

You might want to also add which platform you are using and if this is only a problem when using sentence mode or if it happens also in normal mode.

You should be able to select a phrase across two lines. Keep in mind that you can highlight and save a maximum of 9 words at once.

Sorry, I was confused. The problem is in Page View, not sentence view. I have noticed that when the first line covers the full width of the page I can make a lingQ over onto the next line. However, when the first line is short (half width of the page) I can’t lingQ onto the next line. I am using an Apple computer.

I’ve noticed this too. However, I don’t know if there’s much they can do about it. It looks like when a lesson imports with those extra short lines, it happens because of some formatting specific to the place where it was imported from that puts an unrecognized character at the end of each line. Apart from stripping that character/those characters upon importing, LingQ doesn’t have much control over the formatting that different sources use.

@Rhess Correct, not much we can do at the moment, but we’ll do our best to find a way to make improvements.