Can't login to lingQ on my iphone

Hi, I can’t login to lingQ on my iphone using the option login with google account.

As you can see, I can login on my PC end, not sure what happens

please kindly help.

thank you


What exactly happens when you try to login on your phone? Are you using the app version there? Have you tried logging in with your username/password instead?

Hi Zoran, thank you for you response. Yes, I’m using the app version on my iphone, and since I used to login on my phone via the “via google account” option, I can’t login in with my username since it says" no account found"

the interesting thing is I have no problem login in on my PC or even on my other phones, just not the orginal ones. one guess could be I somehow switched my iphone account in between my two attempts to login in(I have switched back to my original account, but still didn’t work)

don’t know what to do now :expressionless:

Please message us via email from the app directly if you are able and we will check your logs and provide further instructions. Thanks.