Can't lingq phrases

For a few days now, I’ve been having trouble saving phrases. Just thought I would let you guys know about the problem.

Hi nateg,
I am sorry to hear that you are having problem with saving a phrases. I have just tried to reproduce the issue and it seems that everything works fine for me, I am able to create LingQs from phrases without problems.
Can you please tell us more about the issue? What happens when you click on User Hint or Google Translate Hint when trying to save phrase? Which browser are you using and does it help if you try another browser or clear your browser’s cache? Does it happen only in specific lessons or with specific words? Please let us know. Thanks!

I’m also having this issue, with multiple browsers (Internet Explorer and Chrome). The feature only works sporadically for me. When I try to save the phrase by clicking on a hint, I can hear the chime signifying that a LingQ has been saved, but the phrase doesn’t turn yellow and I have to press the X to move to another word. I’ve been having this issue with all lessons, and clearing the cache doesn’t seem to work.

This is exactly the same for me. I hear the little “clink” sound like its saved but it remains blue, and I’m using google chrome like I always have.

Will you ask Steve more about the issue? He said he reported the issue a few days ago. That’s why more of us did not report on or complain about it.

It seems to be working now. I just hope it keeps on working.

Hi nateg, everything should be working now. Are you still having issues?