Can't Lingq Individual Words after Lingqing phrases?

Hello guys,

New here(trying to learn French) and just purchased the monthly subscription. I am having trouble lingqing individual words after lingqing phrases. It will not allow me to do this. Anyone else have this problem?

What is the best method you guys have found?

Also…once I click on dictionary to look up other words it wont allow me back to the original suggestion screen that has the 3 different suggestions of the English equivalent.

Thanks for any help, tips, and suggestions.

Au Revoir,


Delete the lingQ phrase, refresh (F5), then lingQ the word. After this you might be able to lingQ the phrase. If not use the the note box (below the lingQ) to note a phrase which contains the lingQed word.

As I replied to you by email, after you create LingQ from entire phrase, click again on that phrase. On the right side of the screen (above add tags option) you will then be able to select word by word in that phrase again and to create LingQs for every word in that phrase.

Maybe I’m missing something but It does not work this way in Chrome.

I will try that. Thank You!


Hm, I am using Chrome too, and I am using that way to create LingQs from Phrases all the time. After you create LingQ from Phrase, and whole phrase became yellow, click again once on that phrase, and then on the right side same phrase will appear but words that you doesn’t have into Vocabulary will still be blue at the right.

OK, I misunderstood. I thought your were talking about creating a lingQ of a non highlighted word in a lingQed phrase.

I was