Can't import youtube video - error opening the lesson

I routinely import dozens of YouTube videos per week. But today I suddenly stumbled upon a video that triggers an error.

empty lesson was created:

video list I tried to import it to:

video I tried to import:

error message LingQ gave:

Thanks. I was able to reproduce it too. It’s reported to our team now and should be fixed soon.

@SergeyFM Update here. Unfortunately (or luckily for us!) it’s not an issue on our end, our team checked it and something is wrong with this particular video, YouTube returns empty subtitles. You will need to go with other video, sorry.

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I imported it manually by editing the empty lesson: Video lessons from YouTube, Impeachment: Hat Trump sein A...

I am having the same problem to import an ebook, I am using the free version to get to know it better, however, when I tried to import one of the ebooks I want to read it got bugged. =(

@RMRSenova Sorry bur you won’t be able to import an eBook with Free account, due to importing limit. You can test importing individual lessons (up to 5 private imports), but not eBooks.

Thanx for letting me know about this detail, knowing that I won’t have this problem in my future premium account is ok to me =)

Same with this: E-Mails verschlĂĽsseln | BSI - YouTube
and Botnetze | BSI - YouTube

update 26 jan: I was able to upload videos today, bu still, there’s something wrong with the system.