Cant import good texts with many paragraphs

When i import a text from a site sometimes the interface respects the paragraphs and the text is represented on lingq same as the original source.

However many times i do a copy and paste, and the text that shows on lingq is all together, without the same distribution of the paragraphs which it makes it very hard to read for long texts.

Is there anyway i can fix this? Specially for importing full books which i have in Word.

Thank you.

Hello Josu88,

In order to keep the paragraph format, the text needs to be in plain text not rich format. For Mac I suggest TextEdit, the shortcut is shift+cmd+t

For Windows I suggest using Notepad.

Once in plain text, your paragraphs will not change when importing to LingQ.

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thank you for your answer, but i didnt quite understand, i need to open the text in windows notepad and push shift cmd t, and then copy paste to lingq? thats what i tried but it didnt work

Hello Josu88,

“shift+cmd+t” shortcut is for Mac users with TextEdit.

If you’re using Windows, you will get the best results converting to plain text using Microsoft Word, Wordpad, Notepad etc).
The “Save As” function in your program will normally provide a “Plain Text (.txt)” option.
In Microsoft Word, for example, choose the “Plain Text (
.txt)” option and save the file to your computer.

Before completing the save, Word will provide the following dialogue box, where you can change the encoding option from “Windows (Default)” to “Other encoding:” and then select “Unicode (UTF–8)” from the list.
If your software program does not have a UTF–8 encoding option, then you can typically open the new .txt file in a text editor and save it with UTF–8 encoding.

We are planning on improving this function to allow Rich Text, but until then I hope this helps :slight_smile:

i tried to save it like Unicode, like UFT-8. Then did copy and paste but unfortunatly it didnt work. It shows all the text together on lingq.
If you wish i can send you the file .txt from notepad.
I guess i will have to wait until this function will be improved.

Thank you anyway .

You can send the file to, I’ll try to post it and let you know :slight_smile:

Hi Josu88,
I received your email and replied. But if anyone else is having issues with importing Russian text. I switched it to Rich Text and it worked fine with all the correct spacing.

Thank you for your patience while we fix the spacing and formatting issues.

Thank you for posting this fix! I’ve been having the same issue, both with German and Korean.

Just to confirm, in both cases, only when I convert the text to RTF will it maintain the paragraph breaks. So, plain text is not the answer, RTF is what works.

Glad to hear it’s working for you. For some users switching to Plain Text worked, so I guess everyone should try both to see what works for them.

i´ve tried rich text and plain text, and didnt work. im doing it with the program wordpad, maybe that would be the cause.

Eventually it worked when i tried in Internet explorer, instead of google chrome.

Hello Kiran,

I have big troubles as well with importing simple text.
I have a simple .txt or .docx (in Arabic), with single lines, ending with a carriage return. When I import this, ALL lines are glued together. This is VERY annoying, as I am a beginner in Arabic, so re-editing in the import window is almost impossible for me, as I do not know the characters very well yet.
Besides this, I have big problems that points move from the end (LEFT in Arabic) to the right after import. VERY annoying.

Thank you for your attention,


Hi Silvia,
I am sorry to hear that. Can you please send us your .txt file on support(at) so that we can try to import it on our end?