Can't import from YouTube

Tried to import a YouTube video using the Lingq browser extension. The course is automatically generated with subtitles. but it says "Error: detail: Subtitles can’t be used. The links to the courses are:Step 5: Acceptability - YouTube how to fix it?

Please note that, in some cases, due to changes made by YouTube recently, some videos with auto-generated subtitles can’t be imported.

Thank you for your reply. Can you have a way to fix this problem? Is it really impossible to do anything about it? This is my first time trying to import a video from youtube, this video is very important to me, please tell me another way.

Hi. Of course, a new version of LingQ Importer solving the issue would be very helpful and time-saving for us (when Zoran’s busy schedule will allow it), meanwhile, I can share a little tip:

  1. Google: “Download YouTube Subtitles” - there is a free service which generates it with 2 clicks even from videos with auto-generated subtitles.
  2. Download the TXT file with subtitles.
  3. Copy subtitles from the TXT file (ctrl+a and ctrl+c).
  4. Open “Import Lesson” at LingQ (in the top right corner of any LingQ’s subpage).
  5. Paste subtitles into the “Add text” field (ctrl+v).
  6. Add the title above.
  7. You can also add a video there (in the bottom left corner of the page click on “Video”).

It’s not as convenient and quick but it works.

All the best. :slight_smile:


Unfortunately we can’t do anything on our end. Format of some auto-generated subtitles on YouTube has changed and our importer can’t grab them and import them. At the moment, we don’t have a solution for the problem, sorry.

Thank you for letting me know these tips. I followed your guidence, hooray! it worked!

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Never mind, some one told me how to import a lesson to LingQ, he is a very helpful man. Now I can import different lessons as much as I want. And I think everybody deserves to know how to solve this problem. Maybe you should consider posting those tips on your website. It really works.

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