Can't import from Euronews

Can’t import from Euronews
eg. Nações Unidas lembram "os mais vulneráveis" na luta contra a Covid-19 | Euronews

I have notified development. Strange because it works in other languages. Anyways, we’ll look into it.

It doesn’t work for German. Tried this: Coronavirus-Krise in Spanien - Ausgangsverbot bis 11. April verlängert | Euronews
Actually I didn’t know it was possible at all))

Hi Eric

I used to import fairly often from Euronews (Portuguese), but for the past month or two has been pretty eratic, sometimes it works randomly fine for one import (text and audio both ok) but then ‘Fails’ for the next dozen times (with either Chrome on pc with previous and new extension versions, and same on Safari on iPad and iPhone), so I have just resorted to doing it predominantly the old fashioned way, directly with Quick import pasting text directly, and then afterwards adding youtube video link, and recording audio when it matches up reasonably to the text. (often post edited to remove excessive background noises/commentary in other languages etc) - ‘World News 2020 (Euronews in Portuguese - with audio)’ - Login - LingQ
Thank you for any further help with this,
Keep safe and stay healthy, Frank G

Thanks very much!