Can't go to next page in "Page View "

When I am in page view on my desktop, (Mac OS Ventura 13.2) even though there are more pages. I cant switch to the next page. In sentence view it works fine as well as the voice read. Any suggestions ? Thank you

Are you saying that nothing happens when you click on the right arrow? What browser are you using?

When I click on the arrow the right it ask if I am finished with the lesson, but I cant scroll to the next page. I can do it on the mobil app.I am using Safari 16.3

Do you have that issue with any lesson you open?

I am sorry , I figured it out. It doesn’t let me go to the next page unless I create a LingQ for the "Blue " words first.

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I can’t post original posts.
The audio at the bottom easily gets out of sync with the text in sentence or page view. Is there a way to realign it (and keep words-read going up).