Can't get importing to work on youtube


This is probably operator error because of being brand new here, but I cannot get any youtube video to import.
I get an error and this message every time for every video I try to upload:

Error:Importing failed - ERROR: 8uvKPe0QJMk: YouTube said: Unable to extract video data

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Sorry to hear that. Which browser/extension you are using?

The google chrome extension that I downloaded from the google chrome web store and I’m using it in chrome. It works for web pages but not for anything on youtube

Is there some security setting on google or youtube or something I’m missing? I’ve attempted it for multiple videos and the same error each time.

Can you post a link to one of videos you are unable to import? Thanks!

Learn Spanish by Listening (Beginner): Talk about Food | With subtitles ENG/ SPA| - YouTube

I tried the same video on my end, with Chrome Imported extension and it worked just fine. Do you have latest extension version installed?

I’m really not sure, I googled chrome LingQ importer or something and installed what came up.
Is there a more official place to find it or update it?

I’m having the same problem. And now I can’t open LingQ at all in Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

I have problem import audio from some youtubes videos like La Reina Impaciente | The Impatient Queen Story | Cuentos De Hadas Españoles | @SpanishFairyTales - YouTube

@molineux Can you post a link to some videos you can’t import successfully? Sorry to hear that you have problem to load the site, everything seems fine on our end. Can you please give it another try?

I think this may have resolved itself. I have found a Netflix download that I did yesterday, but I only seem to have the text and not the video…

Netflix is working OK. You Tube isn’t working. Here is a link. 3 Grandi Errori Nell’Ascoltare Italiano (Sub ITA) | Imparare l’Italiano - YouTube

Google Chrome

It’s still the same

@molineux Are you unable to import that video at all? I just imported it through Chrome extension and it went through just fine. Audio, video and subtitles were all imported successfully. Can you please give it another try?

@bankeinanin Please give it another try now, should work fine.

Same error for any video I try that it could not upload any data.

It’s not big deal really, there’s enough on LingQ already and some Spanish videos I follow I just upload the Spanish captions and audio by other means and then just have youtube open separately to watch the video

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I am afraid that it is still not working.