Can't form Lingq's with imported PDF of a book

Hei Hei! I just imported a Norwegian ebook, and find that, after ignoring some words (they were in english), it seems I can’t make any Lingq’s.

The words appear in blue and when I click on them and pick their definition, they turn yellow for a moment, only to turn back to blue…

Obviously this basically makes reading the ebook impossible, or at the least, really unproductive.

This does not happen in other lessons, just the imported ebook I uploaded.

Tusen Takk!

I just doubled checked, and it seems to only affect the first import - I suspect because I ignored some words?

OK seems this is an isolated problem. Seems to only be a problem with the preface of the ebook.

Strange, ignoring words shouldn’t cause any issues. Can you send a link of that lesson to support(at) We will take a look.