Can't find open requests

I want to be able to help English learners with writing corrections, transcriptions, etc., but when I go to the Exchange Home page, I don’t see any open requests. When I open the exchange home page, it shows a box for me to write a request (top left), already completed requests (by other members, not me) which is on the left as well, member rankings (top right), and member activity (underneath member rankings). There’s nothing about open requests, no “fulfill request” button or anything. I’ve been looking online for an answer and I can’t find anything properly explaining the process of fulfilling open requests. Even the help page says “Respond to requests by clicking the Fulfil Request button visible for all Open Requests.” No description of where the Open Requests are located, no help for where the “Fulfil Request” button is. And, by the way, “Fulfil” is a typo on the help page. Someone please help me here.

I have the same problem. Also, I posted a request for help with French a week ago, but have no idea what the status is. Is the Exchange portion of the website broken? If so, did I buy points for nothing?

That’s strange. I’ve never tried requesting corrections or anything, so I couldn’t tell you a real solution; but if you made the post public and you’re still not getting any responses, I think that’s a problem. I’m wondering what it takes to get a response from one of the administrators. If I find the solution, I’ll post it here. If you find out anything please let me know!

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Hi @anonymouslee, I checked and looks like there is no any open request currently available for English. Everything seems to be fine, there is just no open requests at the moment. One new request was posted yesterday, but it was completed quickly after that, so you may want to check the Exchange home page more often.

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@etasaki, There is no any request added by your for French. When exactly you posted it? I saw that you currently have 2000 points on your account purchased on May 30th, and you haven’t spent any of it.

Ohhh ok. I was thinking that there would be a huge amount of open requests, something like lang-8. Thank you for letting me know! I do enjoy reading with the app so that’s good enough.