Can't find all Evgueny40's shared courses in Russian anymore

I am studying Russian and am a big fan of Evgueny40’s shared lessons. Evgueny has shared lots of courses but recently I am having trouble finding all his courses. When I click on Evgueny40’s shared courses, half of them are missing. I can find the courses only if I find the lessons I studied a long time ago through my library, and click “Open course” at the bottom of the lesson. But this is such a long-winded way to find all the courses which I know are there. Please help me!
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I’ve been having the same issue with Evgueny’s lessons for several weeks now. I will search and will only get a few of them.

@karinb, crowderd
THanks for your good words about my lessons.
If you mean a certain course, I can give here the link.
But of course, I can’t give the links to all courses.
And you notice that I write hear ‘courses’ , not ‘lessons’ - it’s interesting, but the courses you can find easier than lessons, and then among the courses you can find some certain lessons that are more interesting to you or that you haven’t read till now.
Another way to find my lessons - and also through ‘courses’: If you use some lessons, at the end of each lesson there are two possibilities- ‘open the next lesson’ and ‘open the course’. And again if you open the course, you can find also new lessons in this course because I try every month to add 1-2 new lessons to my old courses which were popular among the learners.
And it’s not only with my Russian lessons, but also with my courses in German and English.

go to the library and remove the folder "new"lessons.
= the folder at left
so you will find all his lessons! new and old!

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Thank you for your answers Jolanda and Evgueny! I know how to find separate lessons and that at the end of every lesson there is a link “Open course”. Before, some months ago it was possible to see all Evgueny’s courses listed under the link “Shared courses” from his wall. It was so handy and easy to find all courses. Now under the same link there are only 8 courses visible to see and unfortunately most of them are advanced and too difficult for me. I know how to find all the courses through a longer way (as described before). It just looks like there is some technical problem. Crowderd, do you agree with me?

@karinb - Are you looking for new courses from evgueny40 or all courses that he has shared?

If you are in the Library, you will only see new courses/lessons that you have not yet opened. If you are in the My Lessons section, you will then see all courses/lessons that you have previously opened (whether or not you have finished studying them).

I checked and it looks like you’ve opened quite a few different lessons over the past year, so I wonder whether many of evgueny40’s lessons would be found in the My Lessons section instead of the Library section.

Let us know if you’re still having issues with this.

Thank you for your answer! I know how to find all my previously opened lessons. My problem was, that before all the last year I could find all Evgueny40’s shared courses listed in one place. But at the moment they are not all there anymore. Before I found them as follows: 1) I went to Exchange page. There on the left hand is the list Exchange Rankings. 2) I clicked on Evgueny40 's name and arrived on his account. 3) Then on the left hand side on his account I clicked on Shared courses. All the last year ALL Evgueny’s shared courses were listed there. There are about 20 Evgueny’s courses (or more), but now there are listed only 8 courses.
Before it was so handy to see all Evgueny40’s Russian courses listed on one place, but for about couple of months ago it changed. Is it a technical error?
If I were a new person in Lingq, then I wouldn’t know that Evgueny has done so many wonderful shared courses. I know I can randomly find lessons from the Library (and from my archive), but it takes now so long time to find what I want and if Evgueny creates new courses then I don’t find them immediately as I was able to find before.
I hope I was clear enough!

@evgueny40, @alex
I found a solution! On that shared courses page on the right hand side up there is a little box called"Sort", where you can sort the courses in different ways. If I changed it to “date added”, then it showed all Evgueny’s courses listed there!!! I just wonder whether any new people will be so clever and click on this little box and find all the courses. Anyway, now at least I can enjoy all Evgueny’s courses and see all the new courses as well what he is adding! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Karinb!
You can also find all my lessons in Russian, English and German in the monthly Newsletters that usually gives in the middle of the month.For example, it was 3 days ago for all added lessons of all providers in all languages for October.
Good luck!

@karinb - Glad to hear you figured this out! We’ll take a closer look and see if there are any issues here that may be preventing certain results from showing up.