Can't edit the first post in a thread

It seems I can’t edit the “original” post of a thread (such as this one). When I click on “edit”, the text disappears, but no textarea to edit the post appears. However, the “edit” function works fine for other posts in a thread.

I logged this with support a while ago now. They said it was a low priority. But I did learn a new word today, “textarea”.

I tested this yesterday and it seems to have worked, and I tried it again with a specific post and it did, but I tried it now with another one and it’s not working. It seems it isn’t affecting all threads, though since it is affecting multiple threads we’ll see what we can do to raise the priority of this one.

“Textarea” is not really a word; it is the name of the HTML tag that produces a box you can type in. :slight_smile: