Can't edit LingQs


I noticed today (and now that I think about it, the issue was there yesterday as well), that I can’t edit created LingQs at all. I’m learning Japanese and usually separated kanji in two hints, one in Japanese for pronunciation in hiragana and one in English for meaning.

When I work with the LingQs of the Day though, it only shows one hint, so I either have the pronunciation or the meaning of the word. Because of that, I wanted to merge those separate hints together again, but if I do it under the Vocabulary section, I can click “save” all I want after editing a card, it will always show upon closing that I have unsaved changes and if I close it anyway, the card isn’t altered at all. Similarly, I tried to edit it in the lesson I created it in the first place, but it still won’t keep the change, although the “saving” logo appears for a moment. Sometimes one hint is actually altered, but the empty one won’t be deleted and keep the old information upon clicking on the LingQ again.

I’m honestly at a loss what to do at the moment besides deleting all LingQs and starting again, which I really want to avoid.

I’m using Windows 7 and Firefox 32.0.3. in case that’s important and am a basic user.

Thank you in advance.

Hi! Sorry for the trouble with this. We do have this on our list and hope to have it fixed soon. In the meantime I checked and it seems to work if I go to the Vocabulary page and edit the LingQ directly from there rather than doing it from a Flashcard session - please confirm if this is working, and if not then let us know too so we can add this to the existing to-do item!

I just did check and have the same problem as editing it during a Flashcard session. No matter how many times I click “Save”, whenever I want to close the LingQ it talks about “Unsaved changes” and quitting that results in nothing. Ah well, I guess I’ll wait until an update is there.
Thank you for checking this out.

Thanks! I’ve passed this along to our development team and will let you know if we need any additional information to get this fixed.