Can't Edit Lingqs

I am having trouble editing my Lingqs. Whenever I try to open a Lingq the sidebar opens but it just pinwheels and never actually opens the editing sidebar.

I tried using a different computer and it seems to be working now.

@Jeremiah49 - Our next update will include a fix for this that should hopefully resolve the indefinite pinwheel that appears for some on the dashboard.

That would be great, as it seemed to have stopped working again.

Having the same problem. The odd thing is it just started doing it this week.

I’ve been getting the indefinite pinwheels as well. It seems to happen to me when I do two actions too quickly, one right after the other, or accidentally click twice on something. Clicking on a different word does not get rid of it, but highlighting something new (dragging the mouse over a word or a phrase that is not yellow, blue, or already defined) fixes it for me.

Alex- on the plus side, since this pinwheel issue started I have not had that problem we were discussing at great length a few months ago, where the dashboard would frequently show the wrong yellow words; LingQ is working better than ever for me right now, even with this new mini glitch (which I can fix without refreshing the page).

I can get the infinite pinwheel at will. Here is how

a) Select a phrase to make it blue, but don’t LingQ it.
b) While the phrase is still highlighted select a different LingQ.
c) Reselect the phrase.

Bam, infinite-pinwheel-o’clock. It stays like this until you highlight a new phrase to make it blue.

Here is another small error.

a) Go to a lesson and select a LingQ.
b) Click into the edit hint field.
c) Change the status of the LingQ.
d) Select a different LingQ
e) Reselect the original LingQ and notice that although the highlighting of the LingQ is for the new status, the dashboard says the LingQ is still on the old status.