Can't Edit Courses

I am having problems editing the courses I have made for my students. If I try to open them, they don’t open. The computer just keeps working and never getting anywhere.

I need to open the courses in order to adjust the order of lessons or even add or change a picture for the course.

I am pretty sure the problem is not on my end because I cleared my cache AND this problem happens on more than one device.


Sorry to hear that. Are you unable to open course at all, or you just can’t load Edit Course page? If you can open it, can you please send me a link to it so that I can take a look?

Thanks for your response. I was speaking about opening the Edit Course page. Lately these pages have been opening although slowly. Today, I believe, the connection timed out (it showed the problem to be on the LingQ server), but the second time it opened. If the problem shows up again, I will share a link with you.

Now I am having another problem with a classroom. Is there a limit on the number of classrooms I can have? Several days ago I set up a new classroom and put a couple of courses in it. The system seemed to hang up again while I was creating it. When I went into the classroom through the link on the library tab (the one the students would use), I saw no content. However if I go through my groups tab, I do see the content. I also see it when I access the classroom on my android.

So today I decided to delete that classroom and create a new one with a different name. Even with the new classroom, which seemed to be created with no problem, I have the same result.

Make sure to assign a level to your imported courses, that way it will appear and will be visible to your students in the Library. If you did that already but courses still isn’t showing up, let me know.

I already emailed about this, but just for future readers of this thread, this took care of the problem.